Registered Nurse Salary | RN Salary, Pay, Wages, and Income in Registered Nursing

RN Salary: How Much Money Does a Registered Nurse Make?

RN Salary-How much does a registered nurse (RN) make in income per year? Do registered nurses make good money? What is the hourly wage for nurses? These are questions that nursing students and aspiring nurses often ask. Nursing salary comparisons can also be an important tool to help nursing facilities determine an estimated starting salary for employees. RNs earn a competitive salary, however, the income of a registered nurse depends on several factors including: Location, type of specialization, industry, advanced certifications or degrees, & years of experience.

Registered Nurse Average Salary: Mean Salaries for RNs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics lastest data, the average salary of a registered nurse in the United States is $69,790. The average hourly wage of a registered nurse is $33.55.  Keep in mind that these are only averages, and that a registered nurse may make more or less than these amounts based on location, experience, and other factors.  In addition, the starting salaries for an RN may be much less than the average salary.

Here’s a video overview of salary data for registered nurses:

RN salary, average nurse salary, registerd nurse income, graph

Starting Salaries for Registered Nurses: How Much Will a New RN Grad Earn?

RN salary, registered nurse salary, annual wageThe starting salary of a Registered Nurse can range from around $28,000-$50,000 per year on average. The starting hourly wage of an RN can range from $16.50-26.00 per hour. This salary will increase over time, as nurses gain experience, certifications, and specialize in a specific area. Registered nurses can also advance their career to managment postions, in addition to regular raises offered by employers.

Keep in mind that these figures can vary depending on the location. RNs in East Tennessee, for example, may start at an hourly rate of $18-23, while an RN at a busy New York hospital may start at $26 or more. Certifications and experience also factor into the salary or wages. A new RN with a degree only and no experience will usually not make as much as an RN with years of experience and many certifications and an impressive portfolio. Here is a graph representing the current national average wage in the US:

average rn hourly wage, registered nurse make an hour

What Are the Highest Paying Jobs for Registered Nurses (by Industry)?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industries with the highest average salary for Registered Nursing included the following:

  • Wholesale Electronic Markets and Agents and Brokers–$40.48 (hourly wage); $84,200 (salary)
  • Insurance and Employee Benefit Funds– $39.44 (hourly wage) ;  $82,030 (salary)
  • Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)–$38.71 (hourly wage): $80,510 (salary)
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises–$36.58 (hourly wage); $76,090 (salary)
  • Oil and Gas Extraction–$36.34 (hourly wage); $75,590 (salary)

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Registered Nurse Average Salaries and Wages by State:

Registered nurse average salaries and hourly wages can vary from state to state. Some states may offer a significantly higher salary compared to other states, however, keep in mind these states may also have a higher cost of living. The Bureau of Labor Statistics report the following states as the states with the highest average RN salaries (updated as of 2014):

  • Alabama RN Salary: $27.15 (hourly wage);  $56,470 (salary)
  • Alaska RN Salary: $41.22 (hourly wage); $85,740 (salary)
  • Arizona RN Salary: $34.28 (hourly wage); $71,300 (salary)
  • Arkansas RN Salary: $27.15 (hourly wage); $56,480 (salary)
  • California RN Salary: $47.31 (hourly wage); $98,400 (salary)
  • Colorado RN Salary: $33.46 (hourly wage); $69,600 (salary)
  • Connecticut RN Salary:  $36.37 (hourly wage); $70,160 (salary)
  • Delaware RN Salary:  $33.73 (hourly wage); $70,820 (salary)
  • District of Columbia RN Salary:  $38.48 (hourly wage); $80,040 (salary)
  • Florida RN Salary: $30.15 (hourly wage); $62,720 (salary)
  • Georgia RN Salary: $29.98 (hourly wage); $62,350 (salary)
  • Guam RN Salary: $25.45 (hourly wage); $52,930 (salary)
  • Hawaii RN Salary: $42.42 (hourly wage); $88,230 (salary)
  • Idaho RN Salary: $29.00 (hourly wage); $60,320 (salary)
  • Illinois RN Salary: $32.71 (hourly wage); $68,030 (salary)
  • Indiana RN Salary: $28.32 (hourly wage); $58,900 (salary)
  • Iowa RN Salary: $25.97 (hourly wage); $54,020 (salary)
  • Kansas RN Salary: $27.31 (hourly wage); $56,800 (salary)
  • Kentucky RN Salary: $27.87 (hourly wage); $57,980 (salary)
  • Louisiana RN Salary: $28.96 (hourly wage); $60,230 (salary)
  • Maine RN Salary: $30.44 (hourly wage); $63,320 (salary)
  • Maryland RN Salary: $34.72 (hourly wage); $72,210 (salary)
  • Massachusetts RN Salary: $41.23 (hourly wage); $85,770 (salary)
  • Michigan RN Salary: $32.30 (hourly wage); $67,180 (salary)
  • Minnesota RN Salary: $34.35 (hourly wage); $71,450 (salary)
  • Mississippi RN Salary: $27.19 (hourly wage); $56,560 (salary)
  • Missouri RN Salary: $27.90 (hourly wage); $58,040 (salary)
  • Montana RN Salary: $29.72 (hourly wage); $61,810 (salary)
  • Nebraska RN Salary: $27.67 (hourly wage); $57,550 (salary)
  • Nevada RN Salary: $38.58 (hourly wage); $80,240 (salary)
  • New Hampshire RN Salary: $31.63 (hourly wage); $65,790 (salary)
  • New Jersey RN Salary: $37.66 (hourly wage); $78,330 (salary)
  • New Mexico RN Salary: $31.63 (hourly wage); $65,790 (salary)
  • New York RN Salary: $37.07 (hourly wage); $77,110 (salary)
  • North Carolina RN Salary: $28.86 (hourly wage); $60,030 (salary)
  • North Dakota RN Salary: $27.94 (hourly wage); $58,120 (salary)
  • Ohio RN Salary: $30.04 (hourly wage); $62,490 (salary)
  • Oklahoma RN Salary: $27.80 (hourly wage); $57,830 (salary)
  • Oregon RN Salary: $39.87 (hourly wage); $82,940 (salary)
  • Pennsylvania RN Salary: $32.01 (hourly wage); $66,570 (salary)
  • Puerto Rico RN Salary: $16.22 (hourly wage); $33,740 (salary)
  • Rhode Island RN Salary: $36.30 (hourly wage); $75,510 (salary)
  • South Carolina RN Salary: $28.69 (hourly wage); $59,670 (salary)
  • South Dakota RN Salary: $25.95 (hourly wage); $53,970 (salary)
  • Tennessee RN Salary: $27.42 (hourly wage); $57,030 (salary)
  • Texas RN Salary: $32.98 (hourly wage); $68,590 (salary)
  • Utah RN Salary: $29.37 (hourly wage);  $61,100 (salary)
  • Vermont RN Salary: $30.92 (hourly wage); $64,320 (salary)
  • Virgin Islands RN Salary: $22.35 (hourly wage); $46,490 (salary)
  • Virginia RN Salary: $30.31 (hourly wage); $63,050 (salary)
  • Washington RN Salary: $37.76 (hourly wage); $78,540 (salary)
  • West Virginia RN Salary: 27.11 (hourly wage); 56,390 (salary)
  • Wisconsin RN Salary: $31.54 (hourly wage); $65,590 (salary)
  • Wyoming RN Salary: $29.23 (hourly wage); $60,790 (salary)

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